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We are presenting now our own genetics on 3 full Petunia series (Grandiflora, Multiflora, and Milliflora spreading). The species that our Breeder leader had showed a great passion to work for. With more than six full series developed for global companies, including several award winners (AAS and Fleuroselect Gold Medal and Quality marks), All varieties had been selected under day neutral conditions and field trialed under high temperatures and humidity conditions to be certain of their great container, basket and garden performance.


Petunia F1 multiflora Petunia x hybrida

  • A large flowered series, tolerant to wet conditions

  • Early and uniform flowering window

  • Mid compact habit with great basal branching

  • Excellent in containers and garden beds

Colors available: 8


Petunia F1 grandiflora Petunia x hybrida

  • Large flowers, bright colors and uniform in habit and flowering window

  • Great weather tolerance and good vigor

  • Ideal for packs, pots and garden

Colors available: 10

Available for Latin America only

PURA VIDA series

Petunia F1 milliflora spreading Petunia x hybrida

  • A small flowered petunia with abundant
    number of flowers

  • Petite foliage, excellent basal branching producing
    a mounded plant in baskets

  • Great for landscape planting with
    strong spreading vigor

  • Excellent performance under hot and rainy conditions

  • Tolerant to Botrytis

Colors available: 4

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