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Our Services

  • Ornamental-plant breeding consulting: Take advantage of our 30 years of experience in breeding bedding plants.  We can provide technical advice and help you solve problems for the improving of your cultivars.

  • Custom breeding programs: We can help you develop new varieties and hybrids according to the traits of your interest using your germplasm or starting from scratch.

  • Parent stock increase and maintenance: Production of parent seed, personally supervised by a qualified breeder will, to achieve highest quality.

  • Productivity trials: Test trials to assure potential yield of a specific variety.

  • Grow outs (Purity trials): Trials to assure seed purity of any stock produced before sales take place.

  • Contra season workshops: Our year-round growing conditions allows us to advance breeding cycles to speed up development of new cultivars. 

  • Small scale production of high value varieties: We can produce seed of your most valuable materials requiring hand pollination by highly qualified personnel.

  • Opportunities for joint-venture plant breeding: We are open to establish alliances to synergize breeding capabilities to achieve common objectives.

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